We love you, our patient — and we want you to love the care you receive!

Our goal is to make sure you have a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that you get the best results possible for your individual needs. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making you happy is why we get up in the morning. See what others have to say about our practice!

Gayle Page

I had a hearing problem for years. Since going to AHB, I found out I had hearing loss and was fitted for a hearing aid. I couldn’t believe the sounds I was missing, natural sounds. I can hear everything with my hearing aids, people talking, water running, traffic and much more. I am a happier person since I can hear. Hearing aids are expensive, but I’m worth every penny.

Thank you AHB

Janet Hankins

Dr. Zorbach (now Dr. Murray) was excellent! Extremely knowledgeable and explained things clearly and patiently. I encourage anyone with balance or hearing problems to see her.

Joanne Kinzy

I have found that everyone at Allegany Hearing & Balance are exceptionally competent, efficient, and most of all, eager to ensure customer satisfaction. Initially, I was very anxious about wearing/using hearing aids. However, thanks to the exceptional support I have received, I am very comfortable with the use and care of my aides. They have truly made a difference in the quality of my life!


My hearing aids really changed my life, I can hear things I had been missing for a long time. My husband loves them, too! No more loud tv or hearing me say -- "What did you say?" Covid and masking really made me realize I had a hearing problem, and I could no longer see people's lips as they talked. Allegany Hearing, Jana, and her staff have been wonderful to work with!

Hearing & Balance Patient

Hearing & Balance has been a lifesaver for me and the workers were so helpful and very nice helping me with my hearing aids and with setting up a payment plan. I love coming here and I’d tell anyone looking for a hearing aid place that they should come here. Everyone is so kind and nice and you hate to leave when you are finished. God Bless All.

Betty McDowell

My new hearing aids have made a world of difference in my ability to hear “normal” things in life. I now hear clocks ticking and peoples conversation. I am able to hear TV at a normal volume level now.

Diana Dayton

Providers and staff are amazing! They go out of their way to provide a 5 star experience and to ensure that my hearing loss does not keep me from living fully. Kudos to AHB!! (and thank you!)


Very good people, and friendly. Made sure I understood all aspects of my hearing loss and how it could be improved. Cannot say enough about how kind, friendly, and caring people they are. They did not try to push a device on me but explained everything that allowed me to make an informed decision for my hearing improvement.


AHB is wonderful. I made the move to wear hearing aids and am so happy! I really didn’t know what I was missing by not hearing. All the staff at the LaVale location are excellent.

Robert Hopkins, Sr.

Allegany Hearing & Balance is a very good company to work with. They help you to make sure you can hear with the hearing aids. It makes your world a very good place to be in when you can hear what other people are saying.

Eugene Gates, Fairmont, WV

You may wonder why my wife and I live in Fairmont, WV, and travel to Oakland, MD, for treatment of our hearing problems. It is well worth the trip. We had two different audiologists in our local area treating us for hearing loss and we did not get the results that we needed. It was really frustrating. Dr. Chrissy Lemley and the doctoral resident, Chelsea Campbell, immediately discovered our problems and corrective action was taken. Thanks to Allegany Hearing & Balance, we made great improvement.

Amy Nazelrod

I was very nervous not knowing what to expect going into this appointment. Once I walked into the office I felt at ease. The waiting room setting felt like a friend's living room, and the staff I encountered were personable and polite. What really impressed me was they were on schedule! There was no wait! I had both an audiogram and a tympanogram and the entire appointment took less than 20 minutes. Kari asked questions about the symptoms I was experiencing, explained the tests as she performed them and thoroughly explained the results. I highly recommend Allegany Hearing and Balance for your audiology needs!


I can’t thank the staff at Allegany Hearing & Balance enough for the help they gave me in getting my hearing aids. What a blessing it is to HEAR again! Read More

I tell everyone I meet that if they are having hearing problems, go to Allegany Hearing & Balance. Everyone that works there is friendly and takes time to answer any questions you might have. A very friendly atmosphere to all! Thank you again!


I find it hard to come up with anything negative to say about Allegany Hearing & Balance. They have a great homey reception area and bathroom. The décor is great and very clean! Read More

All the doctors and staff are the greatest and I even enjoyed the cat. It was easy to schedule an appointment. (I had to cancel one and it was easy to reschedule.) My husband enjoyed the treats and the free coffee cup in the waiting room. I would recommend Allegany Hearing & Balance highly to others. It’s so nice to be able to hear again with the cochlear implant on the left ear and my hearing aid on the right ear working together now!


Before using my hearing aids, it made me ask people to repeat what they said. Now, with my new hearing aids, I can watch TV, have no difficulty hearing, and my wife is very happy I can understand her without repeating herself. Thanks a lot!


Allegany Hearing and Balance has made a tremendous change in my life. The specialist has done everything possible to aid me in my hearing loss.

Edwin F. Hanna III

A very professional group of doctors; and the atmosphere in the office is comfortable and welcoming

Gary Evans

I like that these hearing aids can be adjusted up and down. The sound is clear and I can hear my wife without misunderstanding what she said.

It is more pleasurable to hear my preacher in church and I can also hear better on the phone. This is my third set of hearing aids in about sixteen years and they are the best ones I've ever had.

Robin Weaver

A friend told me about Allegany Hearing & Balance and how professional and comfortable the staff makes you feel. I love how my aids fit, and now I can clearly hear. I tell all my friends. There are many styles and affordable prices to choose from. You have three months to make your final decision about your purchase, but it took me only one day, and I knew my hearing aids were for me!

A.W.A., Bel Air

We live on the Eastern Shore and were getting very poor service. We changed to Allegany Hearing and have been very happy with their service. They work us in on short notice and take good care of my hearing aids.

Andy Dolly

Jana Brown and staff truly understand the needs of their patients. They take their time and personally get to know each person that enters their clinic. They make sure that you are satisfied with treatments and referrals to other doctors that can help you with your disabilities. I don’t think I would have gotten through my hearing and balance problems without Jana and her staff. Me and my family are so grateful they helped me.

Anna “Lou” Gilmore

As always I again had a wonderful experience with Tara and the other staff members while being fitted for new “ears.” This new technology is amazing! My others were seven years old and these little gems are wow!! Thanks again everyone!!!


I don’t really have a funny story to tell—just a story with a happy ending. After years of not being able to hear, pretending that I could, and missing more and more that was going on around me, I can hear now. I appreciate the patience, care, and skill of Dr. Erin Reed as she helped me become used to a louder, but much more interesting world and the friendliness and competence of the staff at Allegany Hearing and Balance. Thank you.

Harley Rotruck

One is always greeted with a friendly hello and a great smile. The service is great and always willing to be of service. Thank you!

J.M., Baltimore

The staff were kind and helpful. It was a pleasant experience–the way they tested my ears and explained what would be best for me. They were willing to work within my budget on a payment plan. My hearing aids helped me to again have conversations and to go to church. It’s so wonderful to hear again!

Judith Snyder

I have been dealing with Allegany Hearing and Balance for about 30 years and I have had excellent results in my hearing problems. The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate you with your problems. The staff is very patient and kind in helping you with your hearing problems and adjusting to the new devices. I highly recommend their services to anyone in the tri-state area. They have the most professional and accredited staff and up to date devices available.