Theatre Receives Advanced System for Hearing Impaired

Thanks to a generous gift from Dr. Jana Brown of Allegany Hearing and Balance Center and Community Trust Foundation’s Halmos Endowed Community Fund, a state-of-the-art induction loop hearing system has been installed in the Cumberland Theatre.

Audience members with cochlear implants or telecoil-equipped hearing aids are now able to fully enjoy the show without straining to hear, or missing entirely the soft sounds that bring depth to many performances. An induction loop system turns every telecoil-equipped hearing aid and cochlear implant into a personalized listening device connected directly to the theatre’s sound system. The benefits of this system are not limited to only those with these devices; however, the loop system also works with a handheld receiver and headphone system which can be worn by anyone attending the theatre. These handheld systems can be requested free of charge at the theatre’s box office. “We want the entire community, including those that are deaf and hard of hearing, to be able to fully enjoy the theatre and the joy that the arts can bring into one’s life,” said Dr. Brown.

CTF’s Director, Leah Shaffer shared “Our community is extremely fortunate to have the generosity of both Dr. Brown and Dr. Halmos, their benevolence has opened up a whole new world for the hearing impaired to enjoy the magic of theatrical performances right here in Cumberland.” The Cumberland Theatre is Western Maryland’s only professional theatre and offers musicals, plays and other programming throughout the year.

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To find out more about t-coil hearing aids or to optimize your own t-coil hearing aid contact Allegany Hearing & Balance Center.