In The Ear Hearing Aid in cumberland


Cumberland In the ear hearing aid diagram
  • Easiest style to wear and remove

  • Best battery-life expectancy

  • Customizable external control options for quick adjustments

About this Type:

Your ears deserve comfort and clarity in an easy-to-use format. Full Shell, In the Ear (ITE) technology sits comfortably in the bowl of the ear to provide powerful, clear sound for most degrees of treatable hearing loss. The Full Shell can be removed and adjusted with ease because it’s custom-molded to fit the unique contours of your ear, and it offers external switches that you can use to make sound adjustments based on your environmental needs.

A dependable solution for a wide range of people, thanks to the combination of size, customizable switches, and color options, the Full Shell ITE also uses the largest batteries, for users who need clarity and power for a lengthier amount of time, or it can be made as a rechargeable device.