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Resound RIE One Hearing Aid
Smartphone Compatible

You already use your smartphone to keep in touch with friends and family, and now it can become part of your hearing system. Whether you are an Apple or Android user, imagine having more control over your hearing ability in real time.

Resound Rechargable HearingAid
Rechargeable Technology

Whether you prefer a more environmentally friendly option or have had a change in dexterity, you can take advantage of technology that uses lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. With improved reliability, you can trust your hearing aids to power you through your day.

Widex Moment Hearing Aid

When you’re looking for flexibility, this style has it all. From wireless connectivity to discretion, to natural sound, you have a range of features at your fingertips. And if your hearing changes significantly, these devices have room to grow to meet your needs.

ITC hearing aid in Cumberland

If you like the custom-molded design of a Completely in Canal but want the flexibility of more manual control, this technology may be for you. With a comfortable fit and external controls, these devices are a great complement to your lifestyle.

Invisible In The Canal Hearing Aid in cumberland
Invisible and Completely-in-Canal

If your on-the-go lifestyle has you looking for a secure, natural fit, look no further. Molded to the contour of your ears, these discreet devices can provide you an authentic hearing experience.

BTE hearing aid in Cumberland

You are in control with customizable fit options, power levels, and wireless connectivity. These devices are sturdy and reliable, ready for your active lifestyle.

ITE hearing aid in Cumberland

When you need all-day comfort and a powerful listening experience, this style is for you. Custom-molded to your ears, these devices will give you the control and capabilities you need.

Tinnitus hearing aid in cumberland

You deserve a break from that buzzing and ringing. Patients have expressed relief after using tinnitus management that’s available in most hearing aid styles.


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