Tinnitus hearing aid in cumberland


Tinnitus hearing aid drawing in cumberland
  • Open fitting helps prevent “plugged up” feeling

  • Helps relieve buzzing, ringing, or hissing sensation

  • Small, powerful device personalized to your symptoms

About this Type:

If you are among the more than 60 million Americans — about one in five individuals — who experiences tinnitus, hearing technology can help. Tinnitus can be a constant tonal or hissing sensation that interferes with work, conversations, and the pleasant times in your life. At times it may be debilitating, but treatment is available. In conjunction with management strategies, the tinnitus solution available in most hearing devices is designed for your personal relief, so you can feel more focused, calm, and carefree.

Ear-level tinnitus solutions treat the symptoms of your specific audio sensations by matching the tonal pitch of your tinnitus. Carefully fit by your experienced hearing care provider, these hearing devices can help change your life by getting you back to focusing on the people and things that you love.